Who the heck are these people?

Just your regular, everyday entrepreneurs with an addiction for adventure!

Ministry of Villas founders Alastair Loxton and Sara O’Shea met when they were teenagers and have built a home, business and life travelling together. Alastair is like Batman with computers. He has been at the forefront of digital marketing since the late 90’s and designed their personal site Ministry of Villas website from the ground up.

Alastair and Sara have lived in over a dozen countries around the world. They stay in one destination for 2 months and then move again. After realising how challenging it can be for people to find the right property, they decided to launch Ministry of Villas to help other travellers find the perfect villa.

Sara’s background is running hotels, so she understands the importance of creating an experience and providing guests with exactly what they want and need whilst on holidays so it was a perfect fit.

Continents Travelled
Regions Lived
Countries Visited
Days Spent Together

Filming House Hunters

That’s Mt Yotei

The Festivals

Niseko, Japan


Vegas Baby

Cruising Around


Trying New Dishes

Winning in Monaco


Walking Cinque Terre

The Vineyards in Italy

The Old Town in Dubrovnik

An Indian Wedding

W Hotel Bali

AL & Sara Exploring Dubrovnik Old Town

AL & Sara in Chamonix

AL Cruising Lago Maggiore

Dubrovnik Apartment