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Arriving in July into one of the world’s most beautiful cities certainly isn’t the best thing if you want to save money. Our credit card got maxed out! We booked Venice at the last minute and initially stayed at the Feel Inn half way between the Marco Polo Airport and the old city of Venice.

It was a simple room with breakfast served daily for €100 per night for 3 guests. I can’t complain, for the rate in the high season the room was very comfortable just a little cosy for 3 people. The number 5 bus stops across the road and down the street approximately 20 metres. This bus runs until midnight and takes you from the airport past the Feel Inn finally ending up in the old town.

After 3 nights here we booked a 2-bedroom apartment on the canal. We moved in on Saturday the 2nd August 2014 and based ourselves here for the week. For the money you spend on an apartment in Venice you would be surprised at just how basic it was. Don’t get me wrong our apartment was light, modern and very comfortable. However the Wi-Fi was frustrating and if you are like us and work online it’s just not up to the mark. By day 3 we had discovered if we took turns online and works from the bedroom it was faster.


The Billa supermarket is not too far either. Buying fresh meats, cheeses and vegetables is always high on our list. We love to eat out and apparitivo hour at 5pm is always a winner. Stop in at any of the bars and you’ll be greeted by a warm smile and 1€ tapas and €1.50 vino. I love Italy for this reason!


Our local could be one of the coolest places to hang out in Venice. You can chill on their boat and the people watching is insane. Awesome vibe with cheap drinks to boot on Saturday night. But that was just one little place we found that didn’t charge an arm and leg for meals. Most meals are around €8 for an entrée or side dish, €9 – €12 for pizza, €12 for pasta and other mains can go up to €25.


When hitting Venice make sure to take a ferry to Venetian Island of Murano. Here you can see how using centuries-old glass blowing techniques the maters create the fabulous Murano glass. It cost up €16 for the 3 of us to catch the ferry here for the afternoon. We made an evening of it and had dinner but really 1 hour is all you need to walk the main canal and window shop. For the serious shoppers you better bring the credit card.

Lido is another Island off Venice that people tend to always miss. It’s a 11 kilometre sandbar just 10 minutes by ferry off the town of Venice. The famous Venice film festival actually takes place on this Island every year and attracts all the big name celebrities.


Alastair and I spent my birthday here riding around on the dual cycle. It was quite funny seeing Al being a nervous wreck while I had the wheel. The steering wheel on the right is just for show. It’s not the easiest to ride but so much fun. Plus when you arrive head to the restaurant on the right of the ferry terminal for an incredible meal and views to match. I don’t think you need too much time here on the island, just 2 – 3 hours is enough to ride around and sit back and relax.

Our tip for Venice is to keep the map in your pocket and get lost in the maze of small lanes. Just give yourself enough time to get back to the bus terminal if you are staying outside the old city. We were here 10 days and by the end felt we really had seen the old town and experienced Venice.