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We are back in Bali after 6 months in India and it’s so nice to be home! We moved into our new place on Sunday and collected our things we had left in storage for the 2 weeks we were away. Unfortunately our stuff had water damage and we had to throw out a few things. There wasn’t anything of real value, except our feather pillows from back home. Yes Al and I brought our own pillows over with us, I can’t sleep on the enormous hotel pillows everyone seems to have these days. I bought 2 new pillows today so I’ll sleep better tonight!

Our apartment is an 80’s furnished penthouse at the Bali Court Hotel in Legian. Okay so maybe 80’s is taking it too far but it’s a very mix-matched furnished place with unusual art, Asian furniture and a ugly cast iron couch covered with a lovely floral design (slight sarcasm). It is a huge apartment compared to our last place and very comfortable except for the couch.

The kitchen is very simple with just the basics to cook a small meal. We decided this time we will eat out more than cooking at home as it’s just as cheap and this time we are a little closer to restaurants compared to our last place in Canggu. We have Internet so that’s a plus and a washing machine, great I get to wash again (been over a year since I did that).

Yesterday we started with our personal trainer, Komang. He has put us on a diet for 3 months – no bread, no fresh juices that Bali is famous for. Basically I can’t eat anything yummy! No more coffee and 3 liters of water a day! Well I didn’t last too long not having the coffee, I need the caffeine hit so I can work longer.

This is our wedding diet plan just in case we do get married in June this year. We also started our boxing class today with another Australian lady which was great fun and we will continue to do 2-3 times per week with her. Saturday we are starting our kite surfing lessons too so it’s all on over here. Komang trained an ex biggest loser contestant last week and in 10 days she lost 6.5kg, not bad but that can’t be healthy. So we are confident he will get us into shape in no time.